Discover Your True Power

The Inner Warrior's Path involves exploring and experiencing your true potential, and this has much to do with recognizing your innate, extraordinary inner power. Since ancient times, men have been looked to for strength and stability. As men, we must honor this heritage.

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Find Your Purpose

Living without purpose or passion often seems more like surviving, rather than truly living. Finding a purposeful path and staying on that path is crucial to the warrior's journey. Our jobs as Men is not simply to provide, but to do so with love, vigor, and a sense of adventure.

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Confront Your Fears

The only thing stopping us from realizing our true power and ultimate purpose is FEAR. Our goal as inner warriors is not to get rid of fear, but rather to embrace it and move forward even in the face of fear. Accepting your fear brings you fully into the present and into your power.

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Are you living in your power?
Do you have a strong tribe?
Can you feel afraid and move forward anyway?
Are your creating your life from a place of passion and adventure?


Inner Warrior Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles Inner Warrior Coaching program is a unique fusion of traditional life coaching methodology with ancient hunter-warrior philosophy and psycho-spiritual therapy that culminate in a well-rounded spiritual, physical and mental health experience. Developed by Los Angeles Life Coach & Martial Arts Instructor Jeremy Pollack, the Inner Warrior process involves helping men get clear on what they want in life, uncovering how fears are stopping them from achieving what they desire, and ultimately discovering and experiencing their true inner power to propel their pursuits.

Inner Warrior life coaching in Los Angeles moves beyond the work of typical mental health therapists by employing an holistic approach to goal-setting, therapeutic counseling, and spiritual awakening. Discovering one’s power is an experience of one’s primal essence and real nature, and from a spiritual perspective, this experience often helps men pursue their goals with incredible dedication and passion, but without attachment to outcome or to particular victories and losses. This fusion is thus an extremely unique balance between feeling our age-old heritage as hunters and warriors, while maintaining a spiritual and holistic awareness that supersedes our evolved attachment to status and safety. Man in his true power is an adventurous, courageous, and passionate member of a tribe, willing to face his fear with the support of his brothers and go after exactly what he wants with commitment, ownership, confidence, and unconditional self-acceptance. This is the Inner Warrior’s path.

Explorer. Hunter. Adventurer.

As men, we have been born into a hundred-thousand-year oldInner Warrior Hunter Life Coach lineage of hunters, explorers, creators, and inner warriors. Honoring this lineage means living to our fullest potential, creating from our greatest expression, exploring with our utmost courage, and experiencing our truest power and spirit. Unfortunately, in this modern age of cultural instability, technological distractions, and personal-professional volatility, many men have lost direct awareness of their own inner power. Most modern men rarely experience a sense of their true self—the ideal, uninhibited, powerful spirit within who thrives on adventure and passion, and who doesn’t get trapped by fear. The main goal of the Inner Warrior Life Coach is to help men get back in touch with their true natures—their powerful, inspired beings—and then use this power productively in the real world in order to find lasting peace and contentment in one’s internal and external worlds.

Men's Groups Los Angeles tribeTribesman. Supporter. Team Member.

Honoring our heritage as men also means NOT DOING IT ALONE. We are meant to be supported by and engaged in strong, reliable groups of men—our tribes—who hold us accountable, support us when we’re in need, and come to us when we can help. When a man feels alone, without a solid network of other like-minded, supportive men in his life, he often feels lost, afraid, insignificant, and/or less of a man. Men have always relied on each other, which is why it is so important to work with a men’s coach and be involved in teams of accountable men, such as Inner Warrior Men’s Groups in Los Angeles.

Truth Seeker. Fear Killer. Risk Taker.Life coach los angeles Fear

An Inner Warrior seeks the truth—the truth of his nature, the reality of his power, the full expression of his being. We are often conditioned not to feel our power…not to FEEL much of anything. That our power will be overwhelming for others; that our feelings are bad or wrong; that we won’t be able to handle the truth of our spirit. But a warrior is not afraid of feelings. He is not afraid of being afraid, of being sad, of being angry, or of being powerful. A warrior embraces his fear and moves forward in the face of it. He treks into the dark cave, with tools in hand, prepared and ready for anything, trusting himself that he will be able to handle whatever comes. This is the warrior’s path—the ancient lineage of modern man. Confronting our inner most fears and understanding how they affect us in the real world is a critical piece of the Inner Warrior Life Coaching program.

los angeles life coachingCreator. Builder. Sustainer.

One thing many of us are still using is our ability to create and build. But others have been trapped by fear—the fear of failure, the fear of success—and so they stop creating, stop building, stop doing what they feel is important. And for those of us that do build, so much emphasis has been placed on the financial success of our ideas, on the resource access and status building outcomes of our creations, that many men today are turned off from living as the passionate creators we evolved to be. We must take some of the emphasis off from outcome and results, and place it instead on our experience of process and journey, trusting that if we stick to what we love, to what we believe in, that the universe will manifest exactly what we need. The process of Inner Warrior Coaching is meant to help men get in touch with their passion, and to create a life from a place of trust, adventure, and excitement.

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