Private Coaching

How do you know you’re not in your power?

We all have our ups and downs, but you can easily tell that you are not living in your true power if you feel chronically: lost, confused, bored, numb, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, anxious, disconnected, helpless, hopeless, stuck, trapped, or generally unhappy. If you feel any one or combination of these symptoms on a regular basis, it’s time for you to take action! It’s time to discover WHY you are feeling this way and HOW you can begin to live a more powerful, productive, passionate, and ultimately peaceful existence. This is where coaching and the support of other powerful, truth-seeking men come into play. And this is exactly the mission of the Inner Warrior Life Coaching program for men in Santa Monica & the greater Los Angeles area.

Processed with VSCOcam with x4 presetDetermining What You Want

The first step in the Warrior’s journey is to determine what it is exactly that you want. And this goes beyond material possessions or money in the bank. In other words, what does your soul want? What does your spirit need? Do you need to find passion or purpose? Do you need to get out of a situation that currently doesn’t work for you and instead find one that does? Do you need to make some tough decisions and need support in doing so? Do you simply need to spill your guts in a trusted, safe place just to connect and get it all off your chest? Are you sick of doing it alone? Decide what it is that you want and let the right coach help you discover the path to achieving it. Or if you’re not sure what you want but feel something in your life is just off, then get help to discover exactly what that something is. A dynamic coach can help with this.

Discovering and Confronting Your Fears

Once we get clear on what it is you want to change in your life, we can start down the road of deciphering how the change might come about intentionally. The next step in this process, however, is to illuminate exactly what might be stopping you from making the changes desired. Often, these obstacles are more than simply real-world hurdles; the most difficult impediments are your own deep-seeded fears and exaggerated imaginings. This part of the process takes courageous introspection and willingness to face your fears, but you won’t do this alone — you will continue this trek under the care, guidance, and support of your coach. Your Inner Warrior Coach will give you powerful and critical tools to help you embrace, dissolve, and move past your fears in making the needed changes in your life.

accomplishmentExperiencing Your True Power & Spirit

Similar to all psycho-therapeutic paths, the goal of Inner Warrior Coaching is to help each man get to a place of complete and unconditional self-love and self-acceptance. Going further, however, the Inner Warrior Coach strives to guide each man into effectively feeling his essential power. This power is the very spirit, the being, the force that lives inside every human being — the driving power that led our hunter-warrior ancestors to such amazing feats of surviving over hundreds of thousands of years. This power still lives and breathes in you today; and when you know it and feel it, you will never again let fear stop you from living the life you know you deserve! This power will bring clarity, presence, and balance; and the big news it that there’s nothing you have to go out and get in order to attain this power. It lives inside of you, as it always has! All you have to do is awaken to it…and that is what Inner Warrior Coaching helps every man do: Awaken to your true, essential, primordial POWER.

The Spiritual Path & Paradox

Once you are living in your true power, you will begin to approach life’s endeavors from a place of passion and excitement (things you WANT to do because they are meaningful, fulfilling, and adventurous) rather than from a place of fear (things you feel you HAVE to do so that you’re good enough, safe, or accepted). With this approach, the life-or-death risks in each project’s success and failure begin to dissipate, and this becomes a bit of a paradox. We are essentially using our primal power and spirit to transcend our age-old primal attachment to status striving and resource access. This allows us to provide for our basic needs — food, shelter, clothing — with passion and commitment, but not attaching a deep sense of self-identity to how those things look. In other words, you may desire success because it means greater love, care, and excitement for you and those around you, but no longer because status or wealth represent who you are as a Being and what you’re truly worth. This is a beautiful, peaceful, and powerful way of living.